Hi all and Happy New Year, after year-end level a bit quiet concert is back in action on February 2 with a concert in support of the Tibetan Children to be held at CCO of Villeurbanne with Pipe Arrustut and Guerilla Poubelle. We took advantage of the last weeks to prepare some new songs that you will hear in the next dates ... And in the longer term, it plans to make a new album, but we do not tell you more for the moment. Stay tuned ..


CONCERT CANCELLED DECEMBER 2 A SERGY (only in our case). Sorry for those who wanted to see us but do not worry there are plenty of cool bands to see. Next Date December 17 in Balaison. Soon more info.



The songs for weddings are a must that you should not overlook. We all have our soundtrack: those songs or melodies that have played in the background in special moments and that make us remember unforgettable moments. That’s why music can not miss your wedding day . The music of your wedding gives shine to each of the moments and is the icing on the organization and decoration.

There are thousands of songs for Actual Day Wedding Photography and Videography Singapore , starting with your favorites. Do not forget the ones that mean special things for you and your partner, it will make you feel in a world of the two even if you are that day surrounded by many people.

Then add a list of songs for weddings of different styles, so that everyone feels comfortable, especially at the time of the party. But first, you have to think about the previous moments, the ceremony and the cocktail party. There is music for every moment and here we give you some ideas that will make you fall in love. Hit the play!


The hours before the wedding are moments in which we need tranquility, that’s why we have thought of songs where the female voice is the protagonist. Few instruments and soft melodies are the elements to create an atmosphere full of romanticism in which feelings and love are on the surface.

Songs like ” Qualqu’un m’a dit ” by Carla Bruni, ” Berceuse ” by Coeur de Pirate, ” C’est le printemps ” by Stacey sung in French, will introduce you to a musical universe of whispered feelings. You can alternate them with the most suggestive jazz or country inspiration, with songs like ” Like a Star ” by Laura Fygi or ” The Rose ” by Charlotte O’Connor.

With these songs you can not lose the concentration and the sweetest feelings. Listen to all our suggestions in this link from our Spotify list .


The usual thing is that weddings celebrated in the Church include music and ad hoc compositions, there is a lot to choose from and if you like classical or cultured music, you already have pieces in your head that you always dreamed of hearing on your wedding day.  And also civil ceremonies, held in other settings , can include all the wedding music you always wanted to sound the most special day.

You can lose yourself among the millions of songs on the market, but also as you know there are specialized companies that can do this work for you.

In any case do not lose sight of this important element of the celebration of your happiest day, because it will help make it a real success!

the best dj of the year: “The rankings of best djs are for men and, sometimes, no women appear”

More than one hundred years ago in the center of Europe, the first celebration of the day of working women took place. Today, in Madrid, that day is celebrated again with a demonstration that will start in Cibeles to end in the Plaza de España.

A movement that could well be a representation of the crack as surmountable as deep that our society suffers. A movement that we hope will not stop. If, in addition, it is accompanied by music, beauty begins to become insatiable.

We speak with the person in charge of the latter, Cora Novoa, the best mobile dj melbourne of the year of the AVN awards.

How do you feel to be the banner of women’s empowerment on a night like this, World Women’s Day?

My goal is not to be a banner, but I understand that it is necessary to have references, people who inspire us and make us remember that things are possible. Before we started to have a solid infrastructure within the national electronic scene, I was looking for my references outside our borders. Those referents were women and men who were doing things with a language similar to me.

Seeing how someone composes an album, manages a record label, plays at festivals, presents a radio program is something inspiring and necessary, for me it was the gasoline I needed to know that things can be done.

Why do you think that women are a minority in relation to men in relation to electronics?

In general, women usually occupy positions of marketing, press or production, leaving for men the positions of power: direction, management, etc. This situation, if we take it to a niche market such as electronic music, is accentuated a little more.

I think the key is to have references, women that are real and normalize what many years ago should be normal.

I am proud to belong and be part of two projects that are struggling precisely to create a community of women within the music industry, where there is room for mentoring, where there is a portfolio of work and where you can learn some of the others

One is SHESAIDSO based in Los Angeles and with a network of women around the world, and the other is MIM, which is based in Spain and focused on the national music industry.

New York djs Christie Tran, Emma Olson and Frankie Hutchinson have complained about the difference in pay and the different treatment they were given to men. Does the same thing happen to you in Spain?

There is still machismo in our society, so electronic music does not get rid of it. The rankings of best djs are for men, and sometimes no women appear, and not because there are not women with the same talent, relevance, musical taste or with a large audience of people who continue their work, but because machismo is papable and is present These are things that are changing little by little, but there is still a lot to do.

Did the Seeking The Velvet Foundation have something to do with this?

Seeking The Velvet is my most ambitious project. It is a record label whose main premise is to expand the artistic vision of musical releases one step further, through clothing collections, collaborations with artists, video art pieces, special packaging, …

Our next release is a remix that I have made to the legendary Munich Chicks On Speed band and that is complemented by a limited edition of t-shirts created by the haute couture brand 44STORE & 44STUDIOand also by a piece of video art made by Encarni Lovexx .

The beauty of this release (called ‘We Are Data’) is that we have worked around the concept of digital information and big data, taking it to music, art and design. In fact in the original song included in the album Arstravaganza have collaborated artists of the stature of Yoko Ono or Julian Assange . So we’re looking forward to launching it to the public to see the reactions.

What role does music play in relation to feminism?

For the moment, I have never worked with feminism when composing music. But I consider that the songs are a perfect instrument to be able to express our ideas and feelings.

I’m afraid that this becomes something superficial, that the appearance of the woman in the scene becomes something trendy , in a fashion, in a product and nothing else … You?

I am not afraid. Everything depends on the approach that one has, of course that for me is not something trendy, but something I must do.

Both the Sonar programmer and Nerone believe that scheduling scenarios for women only, or festivals for female artists, would only encourage debate and the gap. I would like to know what you think of this.

The real gap, the real one, is that festivals and clubs still have a “quota” of female artists, that is reality. People think that it is either all or nothing, it is absurd.

Of the few companies that I know (if not the only one) that faces this type of affairs normally is Ableton Live. I’ve been working with them for years and I was lucky enough to be able to give a talk at their last LOOP event in Berlin.

They are a conference on electronic music with round tables, presentations or performances. One of the most beautiful things is that there were as many women as there were men participating as speakers.

That is normal, that is what should be standard, that there are a similar number of women and men in a poster, and not for the simple fact of being women, but because they have projects equally valuable that those of many people, with Interesting things to share, with followers all over the world. That’s what you have that should be the norm.

The solution is not to create scenarios for female bands, or to schedule a night for only girls, the solution is for all of us to begin examining conscience and assessing things for their sound quality, and not for their gender.

I think that electronics in relation to feminism plays an advantage since its language-pure sounds-escapes the clutches of patriarchy …

Unfortunately it is not. We are still a very small niche market, which grows exponentially, but we are still a minority. As I was saying, the electronic scene is a reflection of what happens in our society but on a small scale.

I do not know, sometimes I like to think of the texture of electronic tracks as something dehumanized. In fact, in cases like yours I’m surprised doing it, since I feel somehow that dehumanization – I understand as human a notion that is drowned in machista nuances – as the place from which to re-raise issues, in this case, gender .

Working with machines always helps to dehumanize and strip people. There are projects like the techno artist Rrose , who plays with his identity and genre. I find it superinteresting to work in that line.

On the other hand, I think that in electronic music itself there is no interpretive discourse, at least at first sight. Bearing in mind that “every nerve of the dancer listens”, I do understand that it can evoke celebration, hope, feelings of communion – this is where feminism would come into play – even of mysticism, etc. What do you think about this?

I think it is equally interpretive as another song. Everything depends on what you want to say and how; After all, the canvas is empty and you fill it with whatever you want.

What do you think could be the ways to consolidate the presence of women today and make it greater?

That there are female referents and have projects such as Shesaidso or MIM.

What DJ’s do we have to listen to in order to be clear about all this we are talking about?

Women or men with clear, coherent ideas, with a lot of personality and with a taste and love for infinite music . Without a doubt, artists such as Austra, Paula Temple, Jimmy Edgar, Veronica Vasicka, Erol Alkan or Jori Hulkonnen.

Dancing while pregnant, is it possible?

What kind of dance is best suited during pregnancy

Attending a concert and not stop moving, going to a disco and unleash your feet or practice dance exercises to the sound of your favorite music in a gym is a pleasure at any age.

But can we dance while pregnant? Is it good for the baby for her mom to move and shake her body to the sound of the music? In what situations is dancing not recommended during pregnancy?

Pregnancy is not a disease


It is clear that pregnancy is not a disease and, therefore, we must take care of ourselves, but not limit ourselves . However, in the softness of the exercises lies the balance so that the dance is also a benefit for the mother and her baby. Boating and jumping to the rhythm of the Black Eyes Peas is not the most beneficial for pregnancy , since during the first three months there is a risk of detachment of the placenta and, during the last trimester, the volume of the uterus is too large. to jump.

On the other hand by Mid-Atlantic OBGYNpracticing 30 minutes of daily aerobic exercise is one of the recommendations that most gynecologists insist on, especially when it comes to walking or swimming , two exercises suitable for practicing during pregnancy. The additional benefits of exercise during pregnancy are multiple: it helps relieve stress, develops the necessary resistance to childbirth, reduces the risk of diabetes, improves cardiovascular work and promotes good mood.

Listen to your body during the dance

The best dance to practice during pregnancy is the Arab dance because it is of low impact and composed of soft steps. In any type of dance that you practice during pregnancy you must be very careful with turns, jumps and, in general, with sudden movements.

Start dancing gently, do not raise your body temperature too much and watch your posture so as not to injure your back with the weight of the baby. Exclude any movement that can make you lose your balance because falls are especially dangerous during pregnancy and with the increase in weight of your body, the center of gravity is not the same. And in addition, it always includes an initial muscular warm-up before the dance session and drinks a lot of liquid before, during and after the dance.

The dance will make you perspire, so it is necessary that you drink water to replace the lost liquid . However, remember that you should stop doing any physical activity, including dancing, and immediately consult your doctor if you notice the loss of any fluid, start to bleed, feel dizzy , nauseous or short of breath, feel pain in your abdomen or chest, you have contractions or you do not feel your baby move.

Music apps for BlackBerry

We sometimes have a tendency to ignore or forget it, but a BlackBerry is not only a mail machine for executives effective and compulsively connected. The latest models have become more and more important to multimedia and entertainment functions, with high-resolution, high-resolution displays and

We sometimes have a tendency to ignore or forget it, but a BlackBerry is not only a mail machine for executives effective and compulsively connected. The latest models have become more and more important to multimedia and entertainment features, with high-resolution, bright displays, and fairly well-designed music and video management applications.

And then there is the BlackBerry App World , a kind of equivalent to the iTunes App Store for iPhone, which already offers a choice of over 6500 free or paid applications, downloadable from a click on its terminal. And among them many programs dedicated to music.

Here are 7 music apps for BlackBerry:


We no longer present Shazam, this magical software that allows anyone to instantly turn into a music encyclopedia by identifying at any time the title and author of the song he is listening to.


No more the trouble to present the leading French streaming service. The BlackBerry application works on the same model as that for iPhone: a free version with 35 thematic webradios and a Premium version that provides access to the 5 million titles of the catalog Deezer for 10 euros / month.

Nobex Radio

An application to listen to radio via the web (unless error, no BlackBerry has FM tuner). The titles being played are displayed with their CD sleeve and can be purchased directly from the device on Amazon or iTunes. The paid version of Nobex Radio offers a choice of 4500 radio stations.

Didiom Pro

An application that turns your PC into a music server and provides streaming access to the entire music library stored on it from your BlackBerry. The application consists of a small Windows utility to install on the PC and the program to install on the BlackBerry device.

All of these Blackberry PGP apps are available in the App World directly from your BlackBerry. If you have not installed BlackBerry App World on your device, it’s here .

Are coffee and music the perfect addiction?

Listening to music became much easier in the last 10-20 years, first came the CDs, then mp3s and, finally, with all streaming services such as Spotify, Last.fm or SoundCloud …

The music became an easy and always accessible source of fast entertainment. We no longer buy records, we skip tracks that we do not like, just this song here and this song there. The music lost the meaning it had in the day. The music collections have lost the meaning they once had.

The same goes for coffee. nespresso compatible capsules sg is wherever you go, today. There are coffee vending machines in schools, hospitals, gas stations and so on. Even, you have those capsule machines where you can make a coffee in a few seconds at home. Coffee shops are everywhere – large coffee companies have a coffee shop on every corner, in every big city, it seems.

Spanish Version:  Is Coffee & Music the Perfect Addiction?

Both coffee and music became a wholesale product. They can be found everywhere, they are easy to obtain and can be enjoyed quickly. Unfortunately, these experiences are so easy to forget, once the moment has passed.

But, there is a change that is happening now, in both areas around the world. With the increase in sales of vinyl in recent years, with the so-called movement of the third wave of coffee worldwide, quality is being re-evaluated.

As coffee lovers we are spending so much time preparing our coffee, we search the internet for new tostions, we have all this specialized equipment at home to prepare coffee, we make a ritual of the process to make coffee. We use different grindings for different methods, we let the coffee make the “bloom” effect , we take our time to develop the preparation, we test with different water temperatures. We use devices and applications to ensure we have the best preparation every time we make our coffee.

Why not combine coffee with something else we love? Another ritual?

Choose a disc from the shelf, which one to choose? What would be good on this particular morning? Maybe some soft electronic sounds to wake us up easily? Or maybe some thrash metal to wake up fast if you need to be awake in a second.

Once we decided on the soundtrack of the morning, we took out the sleeve disc and cleaned the vinyl, we put it in tornadisks, we took the needle and placed it gently in the initial slot. The weak crisp sound when the needle is dropped seems reminiscent of the delight of a large flowering of coffee; We are filled with an energy of anticipation. And then the music begins, and you sit down and enjoy every minute of the song, because there is no button to pass it. When the first side is finished, you have to get up to flip the vinyl and start the B side. Or just start over.

Alone, these experiences of appreciation of coffee and vinyl are moments to embrace and enjoy. By combining our special coffee – freshly ground and made with love – with music we enrich the experience of both. Coffee tastes better when we relax in the experience of listening; the music sounds richer as we walk around with tasty sips.

This combination becomes a moment of meditation that we do not receive when listening to mp3s, on a computer, or drinking a capsule coffee. All the work that is dedicated to preparing coffee and preparing the disc in the tornadiscos becomes a ritual.

Every Saturday morning I go to my album shelf, watch the collection of my albums and choose an album. Then, I choose the coffee from the kitchen cabinet, the preparation begins and when it is finished, the record keeps turning and I feel and enjoy both the coffee and the vinyl. Maybe it only starts the record again after the first round . You just have to give it time to sink, savoring all aspects of coffee while listening to music and mixing life every day.

This is my ritual, and it is a practice that can be easily adopted that I recommend for music lovers who love coffee, and coffee lovers who love music.

A gynecologist unveils her ideal song playlist for childbirth

You are pregnant and you are worried about giving birth? Take a look at the ideal music playlist concocted by the  Fairfax OBGYN-obstetrician Jacques Mortiz so that the birth goes at best! This ”  birthing playlist  ” was launched by the doctor on the music streaming service Spotify.

If you have not thought of the song on which your baby could come into the world, here are some suggestions … In the program of this playlist, slow and soothing titles, then, when it is time To push, rhythmic songs. As explained by Dr. Jacques Mortiz, she “reflects the different stages of childbirth” and ends with Bach’s suite No. 1, performed by Yo-Yo Ma, for the moment when the woman finally meets her new -born. Thirty songs are offered, from “Sunrise” by Norah Jones to “Under Pressuire” by David Bowie, “Do not Panic” by Coldplay, “Beautiful Boy” by John Lennon, “All of Me” by John Legend, “Just Breathe” by Pearl Jam or “Blue” by Beyoncé.

For Dr. Jacques Mortiz, this playlist was born from an observation: 70% of its patients put music during the work and the rescue and did not necessarily want to hear the famous “Push !!! “. In his view, “music has a strong influence on the limbic system of our central nervous system, which manages our memories, emotions, and the way we treat fear and pain, and adds that it makes sense that Women turn to music during childbirth as a source of comfort and strength “

7 movies forced for true music band lovers

There is no need for anything specific to watch a Kostenlos movie that talks about the work and feats of your favorite musicians. In fact, the life of those who have given everything for the composition is also an endless source of themes to bring to the big screen.

This year we already saw Montage of heck on Kurt Cobain and it was recently announced that there would be a series about Patti Smith . Apparently, Showtime also want to get you to exploit the nostalgia and reach the fans of the interpreter of “Because the Night”. The series will be based on the book Just Kids , the autobiographical (and so fashionable) text of Smith.

While we wait for the first chapter to come out, we recommend these couchtuner movies and documentaries about some of your favorite musicians.

1. The Monkees

At the height of the British pop bands (and taking advantage of a pre-made band), producers Bob Rafelson and Bert Schneider summoned musicians looking for talent for a series originally about how a pop band could be kept. Thus they created The Monkees, a group that (although everyone knew that neither composed nor touched) had great acceptance among the public.


2. The Doors

Directed by Oliver Stone , it was released in 1991 and was not very well received, mainly because Jim Morrison was portrayed like a psychotic and not like a real musician, thing that exploded to the fans and to other members of The Doors. Then why should you see her? Because his way of recreating the atmosphere of the 60’s is quite accurate and makes us fantasize about a time when many wanted to have lived.


3. Walk the line

The life of Johnny Cash was told by James Mangold in 2005. As a memoir of an already acclaimed musician, in this document we can see Johnny working as a farmer, suffering for the death of his brother and enlisting in the Air Force and Being sent to Germany. But since it’s a movie about music, you can also see it when you sign up with Sun Records and you become the legendary musician you are today.


4. Imagine

Originally the movie would be about recording the disc; However, after Lennon’s death, it was necessary for the project to become larger and ended up becoming a semblance of John’s life and work. The man behind that decision was Andrew Solt . On the tape appear Yoko Ono , Phil Spector , Paul, George and Ringo talking about the singer. You have to see it if you are one of the many fans of The Beattles. This work deals with Lennon’s career within the Liverpool Quartet and then solo, and includes an acoustic version of “Real Love” and an essay prior to the recording of “Imagine”, both unknown until then.


5. Control

A few years ago Joy Division became fashionable, and partly it was thanks to films like this one. Control is the version of the story told by Deborah Curtis , the widow of Ian Curtis, and was brought to the screen by Anton Corbijn . The best of the film is the setting of that sevens England that continues to fall in love with the world. In a veiled way, everything revolves around Ian’s relationship with his wife; Later on the character and the illness of the vowel, as well as of the formation and the success achieved by Joy Division until his death.


6. The Runnaways

The film was directed by Floria Sigimondi and is based on the book Neon Angel, a memoir of a Runnaway . On the screen and in the book shows the relationship between Cherie Currie (played by Dakota Fanning ) and Joan Jett, since the birth of the band. In it we can appreciate how these two musicians felt that having a band was more than selling a prefabricated product.


7. I’m not there

It is never said that we are seeing Bob Dylan’s life on the screen, but we all know we are seeing Bob Dylan’s life on the screen. The film is by Todd Haynes,  and actors such as Richard Gere , Christian Bale and Cate Blanchett play Bob at different times in his life. If you’re a Minnesota fan we know you’ve seen it; But if you are not, this is your chance to enter the work of one of the greatest musicians in history.

Survey: What place for music in the life of the French?

The association Musique, which advocates that music play a more significant role in the political debate, proposes a survey and Ipsos Review that illustrates the importance of music in the lives of French people.

Over the last four months, the association Tous pour la Musique , which includes players in the music industry such as Sacem and Adami , has launched a consultation with elected officials, experts and the general public to strengthen the position of Music in society. At the end of this dialogue, 13 proposals emerged and were presented to the candidates in the presidential election.

In order to support this approach, the association also published a survey, conducted with the FIFG with 1,000 people, demonstrating the importance of music in the lives of French people. We learn that music is the favorite cultural activity of 60% of respondents, in front of reading and cinema. They are however only 11% to play often or from time to time an instrument. For 90% of the French, music is an element that promotes living together in our society and 70% think that music and artists are a gathering force in the service of a social or political cause. Finally, 84% of French people believe that the success of French artists contributes to the influence of France.

The musical offer

According to this survey, 87% of French people think that the online music offer is satisfactory, rich, diverse and accessible. The same goes for the entertainment offer, which satisfies 66% of the respondents, a figure which rises to 77% for the inhabitants of Paris region but down to 59% for those of the Southwest. Regarding the audiovisual landscape, 43% of the respondents think that there is not enough music on television and for 35% of them there is not enough diversity on the radio and TV .

The means dedicated to music

62% of respondents felt that the resources allocated to music education were inadequate and 75% of French people felt that each school should have the financial means to set up an orchestra or a choir. A very large majority – 92% – believe that the big Internet companies that benefit from music should be more involved in creative financing. 83% of respondents believe that online music should benefit from a reduced rate of VAT to encourage musical creation in France, and 62% favor favorable taxation for companies in the music sector. Finally, for 7 out of 10 French people, music is not sufficiently present in the programs of the presidential campaign. A result that goes in the direction of the action of the association,

Music for a vacuum cleaner

Aspirated art, a pictorial-sonic action of Pelayo Fernández Arrizabalaga, carried out by means of an appliance of common use. Alternative Festival of the Performing Arts. Círculo de Bellas Artes of Madrid, January 31, 2002.

Pelayo Fernández Arrizabalaga offered at the Círculo de Bellas Artes in Madrid a show titled Música aspirada realized with a household appliance of common use: the vacuum cleaner. It was an interdisciplinary show that had sound, visual and theatrical aspects. He improvised a picture made on a canvas with charcoal and aid of a vacuum cleaner: laying, quintado and tracing. The work appeared in the eyes of the public, who could see, at the same time, the sound effects – duly amplified – caused by suction, friction, bomb, gestures … The artist finished as dirty as a chimney sweep.

In the end he distributed some sheets in which he offered the finished work for 200,000 pesetas. As no one bid within the given five-minute deadline, Then proceeded to erase the creation causing exclamations of regret mixed with applause. It was an action that invited to the reflection on the evanescence of the art, the improvisation, the random of the inspiration, the speculation and many other things.

The public was amused observing the development of the work, more attentive perhaps to the eye than to the ear. Pelayo Fernández Arrizabalaga is an artist who has lived in Switzerland for some years. I remember his participation, long ago, at the Jazz Festival in Madrid, with a saw with which he made a creation on a wooden board. This time he has participated in the Contemporary Scene, the Alternative Festival of the Performing Arts whose musical part, Dedicated in this edition to Music and Synesthesia, coordinates Llorenç Barber. In presenting Pelayo, Barber commented on the importance of inspiration in artistic creation, including perspiration and, in this particular case, aspiration. Visit here for more info http://www.gosureviews.com/best-inexpensive-vacuum-cleaner/.


You know that we used to bring really cheap decorative ideas, ideas that are designed for everyone, but every now and then we also like to dream a little and make you dream. So, today we shinyreviews.com have prepared a collection of 10 celebrities bathrooms , where good taste, rises to the level of art. Do not lose detail and take inspiration.

Bathroom-famous-adam-levinePHOTO | ARCHITECTURAL DIGEST

The pop superstar, Adam Levine , has in his house with a bathroom designed by Marcos Haddawy of minimalist style with vintage touches thanks to the beautiful clawfoot tub and table midcentury.

Singer-songwriter John Legend has at home with a lovely master bath made in two areas, one indoor and one outdoor with exotic hot basalt , and this part that really caught our attention.

Bathroom-famous-jhon-legendPHOTO | ARCHITECTURAL DIGEST

This beautiful bathroom where we can see a black tub on a pedestal , dresser custom design and designer mosaic floor tiles by Walker Zanger, corresponds to Brooke Shields and her family.

Bathroom-famous-brooke-shieldsPHOTO | ARCHITECTURAL DIGEST

Actress Liv Tyler has at home with this beautiful  bathroom  in which spoiled to detail to achieve a practical and romantic atmosphere.

Bathroom-famous-liv-tylerPHOTO | POPSUGAR

The floor of Nick Jonas that went on sale recently, has a bath Mediterranean style , with Spanish tiles and beautiful urban views of the city.

Room-bath-famous-nick-jonasPHOTO | TRULIA AND POP SUGAR

The gorgeous actress  Scarlett Johansson has, at his home in Los Angeles, with a luxurious bathroom modern with all the latest luxuries.


This is one of the 13 bathrooms having mansion Jennifer Lopez . A bathroom, clearly classic cut, with spectacular views and a beautiful bath with legs that has practically everything.


Actress Lauren Conrad wanted for his new master bathroom at his home in Beverly Hills, have a space dedicated exclusively to hair.

Room-bath-famous-lauren-conradsPHOTO | POP SUGAR / DOUGLAS FRIEDMAN, INSTYLE

This is one of the 12 bathrooms chic minimalist design and with shower-spa in the mansion of actor / musician Jared Leto .

Bathroom-famous-Jared-LetoPHOTO | EVERETT FENTON GIDLEY

Kim Kardashian Kanye West and her husband have this beautiful bathroom in one of their homes. A huge bathroom classic and elegant style with a beautiful pedestal tub.

Singer private information was stolen – Four ways to protect data on your computer

Learn how to protect sensitive information and prevent it from being made available to third parties

Computers (desktop and laptop) and our mobile devices (smartphones and tablets) have become very important devices for our lives. In them we store all our information, from the most common and everyday to the most important and private.

Despite being high-tech devices, it is inevitable that at some point these devices fall into the hands of third parties, either when we must bring them to repair or when we are victims of thieves.


The singer Ezio Oliva denounced a few days ago that private information was stolen from his laptop when he sent for repair. Will there be any way to protect that information?

Trade consulted the specialist Internet and social networks and consultant for CNN Silvina Moschini and technology experts Peruvian Arturo Goga and Jesus Veliz to share the four main recommendations in this regard.

But before starting there is a basic concept that must be taken into account: take your devices to authorized service centers or, if not, they are your trust. Sometimes the most economical alternative can make you spend more money or cause other concerns. You can use deltaextranet for personal data protection, more recommendations below:

1. Encrypt your data so that only you can access them

While data encryption sounds more appropriate for large corporations, it can also be a good ally for you. ” Doing it is a lot easier than most people think. There are many options for both Windows and for Mac , “says Moschini. In Windows, select the folder, right click and select Properties. In Advanced Settings, you must select Encrypt Content to protect the data. For the operating system OS X (Apple) can use the FileVault .This mechanism uses an advanced encryption standard that is used by the US Government

How to encrypt files in Windows

2. Make backups or backups regularly

The experts consulted agree on something: the most important information must be stored outside of your main device. The backup should be done regularly and periodically. “It is preferable to have multiple copies of that information,” says Arturo Goga. “And that external disk must be in a safe place,” adds Silvina Moschini. “It’s also an option to use storage systems in the cloud,” says Jesus Véliz. An alternative is to use the online service BackBlaze  that charges $ 5 per month.

3. Enable a Guest Account for Third-Party Access

More and more devices have the ability to create profiles or accounts for guests. This procedure is simpler in computers. This type of profiles allows limited access to third parties. For example, the technician will be able to access the operating system to review it, but will not be able to consult the sensitive information of the machine owner. Also, in this way it will not be necessary to give the password to a stranger. “If this is not possible, be sure to be present during repair your computer, so you can prevent theft of information , ” explains Arturo Goga.

How to create a guest account in Windows 8

How to create a guest account on Mac

4. Seek to protect you on the Internet and in the service center

Once again experts agree that it is important to contact authorized service centers (especially if you can still use the guarantee) or to use people you trust. It should be remembered that while browsing the Internet, information is also stored. That is why it is fundamental to clean the temporary files and the history of browsers. ” Set your browser to not accept cookies. Also opt for the encryption of conversations of chat and e-mail. Off-the-record messaging can be used in Google Hangouts and Facebook , “explains Moschini.


Periodic cleaning. There are free programs like CCleaner that allow periodic cleaning of web browsing histories and other temporary files on the computer.

No access. Some browsers like Chrome allow you to synchronize information with different devices (computer, tablet, smartphone). The same chat conversation can appear on several platforms. Close the session completely on the different devices.

Not everything is important. You do not need to carry your files everywhere. Services like Google Drive or Dropbox can be used for backups.

6 profitable new business ideas originating in the United States.

The ideas that we present today were born during the crisis in the United States, and for the most part belong to people who lost their jobs and were forced to undertake. Others simply saw the opportunity to shape that business they had been thinking about for years. Although some of these businesses are more original and others are not so original, but they are very simple, some require more investment and other less investment, all have something in common, is that today (2013) , are being profitable for its creators . Question of seeing if they have the viability to adapt them in your country in question.

1. Archie McPhee: The “mecca” of toys for children and adults … and a few other things.

This shop ( Archie McPhee ), sells all kinds of toys for both children and adults. The secret of its success is the great diversification in products and services, since they boast of having the most original and strange toys and gifts, and not only the typical ones that we can find in any store. They also sell jokes, bachelor parties, costumes and the organization of parties and birthdays. We could say that is a mini-mart fun . The business, thanks to a good strategy social media marketing was profitable from its first months of life because they quickly become known.

2. Car bags.

Bagborroworsteal  is dedicated exclusively to rental and sale of handbags brands. While we talked the booming business of resale and rental of costumes boyfriend or girlfriend, this time, this store provides an opportunity for a person to test the bag before buying it , and be able to rent the bag for a Social situation in which it is necessary to appear “status”. If we added more diversification to this business idea, such as all kinds of clothing and luxury accessories, you could get more profitability.

3. A very sophisticated cinema.

Big Picture is a luxury movie theater where you have cocktail bar, restaurant and meeting space. In this cinema you can watch new and old movies. In occasion they create events, where if they are going to project a period film, it becomes a celebration where the people must dress of time. The entrepreneurs who developed this idea, have managed to make this “cinema” a benchmark in their city. No longer a hybrid business (cinema, restaurant, pub and event hall).

(See also: New profitable businesses and unexploited collected from elsewhere )

4. web of social holiday.
This website,  Gatherball.com , functions as a social network, where it is shared and pick what you want on your vacation with all users of the social network. Tastes, hobbies, interests and personal budget. In this way, social trips are planned, where you have the opportunity to meet other people. Where is the business of this website ?. In contracts with travel agencies, hotels, etc … This form of holidays are becoming more popular in the United States.

5. Boat rental with whirlpool.

If you’re looking for business this summer and you live in a coastal city, gone are the typical rent paddle boats and jet skis. Hot Tub Boats is a company dedicated to the sale and rental of these boats for hours carrying jacuzzi or hot tub to relax with friends, individually or in groups. All a success on the American coast.

6. Sustainable cleaning.

Cleaning companies are many, but what makes the difference in Steam and clean , is that they are one of the few cleaning companies that do not use chemicals or detergents. Instead, they use high pressure steam cleaners and steam mops and at high temperature to kill bacteria. It also filters the wastewater and reuses it. This newly established company has managed to sign numerous contracts with municipalities, hospitals and private companies, as well as focusing, as it did in the beginning, to private homes

As we can see, this time, the ideas are not overly original, rather Are focused on specific needs. Are profitable businesses from the outset, as we say, each of these companies have something that sets them apart from their competition and makes them unique.

Actress Angelica Vale tells her secret to lose weight

The Mexican actress Angelica Vale rose enough weight after breastfeeding her second child. Because of this he began to exercise and to eat healthily, but he did not lose those extra pounds. Then he became very depressed. What did? The magazine ‘People’ in Spanish interviewed the artist and this counted.

Angelica Vale went to where endocrinologist , who prescribed pills and diet injections. With this, accompanied by a healthy diet and exercises, the interpreter of ‘The most beautiful ugly’ managed to lose 13 kilos.

“I feel happy, I feel much more active … Best of all , it did not cost me much work, because the problem was not what I ate, but a hormonal problem that occurred after pregnancy. Women should tell us that after giving birth, we should go to an endocrinologist . Is more I say, pass the tip, because the hormones are completely uneven , “said Angelica Vale to ‘People’ in Spanish.

The actress said that after her pregnancy your hormones were totally uneven. She when not know I had this problem alone eat, vegetables, tuna and chicken, and go to the doctor told him that was not going to lose weight as well, because it is not a question of what you eat and how much, it is a hormonal problem .

“I’m still on treatment. I want to go lower to be much prettier (laughs) and, above all, to be healthier for my children. Also, try to make a low – carbohydrate diet, and treatment hormonal are pills and injections , ” he said the actress .

In addition, the interview stresses that Angelica Vale has a special diet, eat every three hours and exercise too long, two hours a day on weekdays and some weekends.


Surquillo: film fire started in confectionery fryer

A short circuit generated large plumes of smoke , so that the audience proceeded to be evacuated from the Open Plaza.

A fire broke out this afternoon in the cinema located in the Open Plaza Angamos, in the district of Surquillo , forcing dozens of people who were watching movies in place to evacuate functions.According to the firemen, the incident that left no wound started in the confectionery area.

The head of the fire brigade South Lima, commander César García, explained that were sent to the mall about four units, including two pumpers, to quell the fire that started at 2 pm approximately room Surquilo .

“The fire started by a short circuit in the electric fryer located in the entrance to the movie theaters,” the spokesman for firefighters attending the emergency told Canal N.

A few minutes later , through social networks, administrators Cinemark Open Plaza Angamos, in Surquillo , they sent a statement to clarify that all security measures are abided by and that after the evacuation no injuries were reported.

“The company followed all the security protocols, evacuating the attendants of that place without reporting personal damages,” they said through the statement. However, several users reported that they just left the halls after the spectators themselves noticed the smoke coming out of the confectionery.


Fryer Disadvantages

But of course, not everything will be advantages! Here you have the disadvantages we also have to take into account when purchasing one of these fryers.

  • Power consumption is remarkable higher than in the rest of fryers. This is because it takes more time to cook the food.
  • Generally, the food appears less crisp than the traditional way. This is something that we have to keep in mind when it comes to the appearance of the fried.
  • We also need to emphasize that its price is usually above that of a conventional fryer. Something that can be offset by the savings we mentioned above.
  • You can check the  price and availability of these fryers in www.cocina-espanola.es/freidora-sin-aceite .

The Musical Garden

We accept the idea of beauty and recognize our extraordinary need to possess that which is beautiful. We are not satisfied with creating things that simply fulfill their function. These too must be beautiful, sometimes only beautiful.

There are gardens of many forms created many times only from this point of view, that of being beautiful. However, for many people the idea of gardening as art is still disconcerting or completely strange.

There are a number of landscape architects and landscape gardeners melbourne who over the years have inspired me and have served as “virtual mentors”, either for their projects, or for their ideas and dissemination work. C. Th. Sørensen was a great find, and certainly a captivating character. With him begins a series dedicated to landscape masters.

Carl Theodor Sørensen (1893-1979) is probably one of the greatest landscape architects of the 20th century and one of the first modernists in landscape architecture.

His works were characterized by the fusion of art, functionality and tradition (he was a great scholar of the history of gardens). But he emphasizes his way of transforming the agricultural and cultural landscape in architectonic works of art; And here is his great contribution to the modernist garden (and landscape).

If the design is strong, the design can survive and be transformed. Therefore, it is true that there may be something lasting in the changing landscape. This is the essence of beauty in a cultural landscape.

(C. Th. Sørensen, 1963)

“Deep humanist”

His works despite the use of rigid geometric shapes (circles, squares, ovals, spirals and free forms) were great flexibility and functionality in which the man was always the source .

Sørensen always insisted that the gardens are a form of art , never forget the important social work that they have to offer. An art available and used by the public.

An example of garden art in its purest form is the  Garden Musical, conceived in 1945 , and finally executed in 1956 in the Angli IV cultural industrial complex in Herning (Denmark), where Sørensen applied his knowledge, after years of studies The history of the garden design melbourne and its forms, created this sculptural garden, which still stands today.


Musical garden

© visitherning.com



Musical garden

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Musical garden

© Christina Capetillo

The best musical films

The film is artifice. And the music is perhaps, of all genres, the best indicator of that device. In it, the characters are allowed to open their channel to dream reality singing, or celebrate a whole range of feelings intoning the melody that best emphasizes. It can serve as an excuse to inflame passions, to ooze evening promiscuity or serve social criticism. The music came with the sound and lived its golden age in the next decades, from which emerge some of the most amazing talents to the big screen. Gene Kelly , Fred Astaire , Judy Garland and Julie Andrews represent the summits of a cinema eventually, he would eventually be devalued and ostracized. From the 70, the majority public would demand other movies and music, with few exceptions, would fade to insignificance in the 80 and 90. The last decade marked a vague revival of interest in this, however, it has been an intermittent trend is far from offering the prospect of a genuine revival. Then we review the most significant and celebrated titles of a long tradition of music, a list that easily activated in several humming melodies and reader, attached to an irrepressible rhythm on the feet. All these movies are available on movie4k for free.

singing in the rain singing in the rain

“Singin ‘ in the Rain” (Donen and Kelly, 1952).  The tandem of Stanley Donen and Gene Kelly was one of the most brilliant and successful musical film. Since the late 40s and especially during the 50 under the Freed Unit at MGM -a division overseen by producer Arthur Freed and dedicated to this genre, director and actor collaborated on a series of films which “Singin ‘ in the rain” is perhaps the highest standard. A charismatic, jovial and impeccable jewel that contains the most famous musical number history: the character of Kelly love celebrating and exulting in the rain his infatuation. On the set, however, the actor had so much fun, since it had to carry the sick and feverish sequence. But his condition did not affect that was another of his great performances, one in a film that also had a great  Donald O’Connor doing stunts and exploiting its comic gestures while singing  Make ’em laugh or Debbie Reynolds joining the two for optimistic Good morning .

“Broadway Melodies” (Vincente Minnelli, 1953).  Vincente Minnelli was undoubtedly one of the great architects of the golden years of the MGM musical. A year after “Singin ‘ in the Rain” “Broadway Melodies”, an adaptation of the musical that had premiered on Broadway in 1931 with the presence of Fred Astaire and his sister Adele premiered. More than 20 years later, Minnelli took that material and turned it into an extraordinary film that combined the Faust myth within the story of an actor in decline accepting a role in the musical that perhaps you back to fame. The critic and writer Carlos Losilla, in his book “The invention of modernity” noted the numberShine on your shoes like that could be one of the key scenes in the transition from classical to modern cinema, one of the signs of the self – consciousness of a part of Hollywood that was beginning to understand that everything began to change in some way. But apart from subsurface interpretations of Minnelli’s a wonder that perhaps has not enjoyed such popularity as others of their peers, but equally or more capable of reporting tons of happiness, with actors in a state of grace and a background footage excellent songs and choreography.

“West Side Story” (Robert Wise and Jerome Robbins, 1961).  “West Side Story” was born as a Broadway musical in the second half of the 50, written by the great Leonard Bernstein and lyrics of another essential tables,Stephen Sondheim . In the early 60s, producer, director and theater choreographer Jerome Robbins and Robert Wise, one of the most brilliant craftsmen in Hollywood, adapted it to film and became one of the egregious successes of the genre, winning 10 Academy Award of the Academy. This is a work still fascinating, a revisiting of “Romeo and Juliet” by William Shakespeare set in New York working and street gangs, here represented in -norteamericanos autóctonos- Jets and Sharks portorriqueños- – immigrants.In between, the forbidden love between Natalie Wood and Richard Breymer , sublimated in the romantic encounter accompanying  Tonight on the outside stairs of a building, but threatened towards the end of the film when the same song is reinterpreted by all the main cast to heat the final battle between the two. No less memorable is the musical number that provides America , intense debate sung in the Puerto Rican side and led by Rita Moreno on the advantages and disadvantages of Americanism.

“The Wizard of Oz” (Victor Fleming, 1939).  Hito musical film, “The Wizard of Oz” was released after several versions of the script, serious doubts about the acceptance of fantastic between the public and a number of directors and collaborators who shaped this classic by which finally would be credited Victor Fleming. This adaptation to all Technicolor tale Frank Baum and WW Denslow would have an inevitable impact on popular culture and raise the figure of Judy Garland to Olympus of the genre, especially with its emotional, tender and hypnotic rendition of  Somewhere over the rainbow , versioning post until exhaustion. But it is also the merits of the film Fleming are countless, from the same time it established a visual iconography warm and unsettling than any other adaptation has managed to replace final. And that, thanks among other things to that yellow brick road, the Scarecrow Ray Bogler , dancing the Tinman of Jack Haley , built by the Cowardly Lion Bert Lahr or the omnipresent Frank Morgan .

“Mary Poppins” (Robert Stevenson, 1964).  The health of the musical cinema during the 60s begin to weaken, but two titles huge success as “Mary Poppins” and “My Fair Lady” ( George Cukor , 1964) both premiered the same year, they would offer resistance before the genre had just definitely overwhelmed by other proposals. The two also were closely linked to the name of Julie Andrews. The actress came from an established theatrical experience that was highlighted on stage with his role in “My Fair Lady”. When it comes to adapting the work to the big screen came, however, Jack Warner chose to Audrey Hepburn for paper and Andrews would eventually debuting in the middle as the film ‘s most famous nanny. “Mary Poppins” mixed live action and animation, integrated fabulous special effects and unfurled a repertoire of dangerously catchy songs, namely Chim Chim Cher-ee of Dick van Dyke , A spoonful of sugar as ideal for housework theme and twister was sung  Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious .

” Gold Diggers of 1933″ (Mervyn LeRoy, 1933).  If we look back at 30, one of the major names of the decade is to Busby Berkeley , choreographer Warner who designed and directed some of the most majestic of gender numbers. His imprint the marked sequences of major infrastructure and amazing geometries, many dancers diluted in kaleidoscopic forms often observed from the overhead shot. But also, prior to the establishment Hays Code censorship musical, he dared articulate wild and little hindrance pointedly social and political criticism. ” Gold Diggers of 1933″ -moralista Spanish translation of the original “Gold Diggers of 1933” – is one of the best examples of this. In the film directed by Mervyn LeRoy always effective, a group of choristers lived in their flesh the hardships of the Great Depression, at least until hunting for a husband with resources or a bumpy musical show ended in success materializing. His bite was twofold: to moral values- the time choristers, traditionally identified with light life, turned into materialistic heroines unabashedly style of “Gentlemen Prefer Blondes” ( Howard Hawks , 1953) – and policy Hoover -the impressive final number, administration Remember my forgotten men , it was a critical open to the march of veterans of World War I that took place in Washington DC one before- year. The year title apart from her sisters, speaking of a series of films dating back to 1923, when Warner launched a silent version of the musical “The gold diggers” who was playing on Broadway. To this followed “Gold Diggers of Broadway” (Roy Del Ruth, 1929) -of which only one part- is preserved, said “Gold Diggers of 1933” and subsequent “Gold Diggers of 1935” (Berkeley, 1935) , “Gold diggers of 1937” (Bacon and Berkeley, 1936) and “Gold diggers in Paris” ( Ray Enright , 1938), and conducted under the impositions of the Hays code.

“Sound of Music” (Wise, 1965).  In its Top 10 best movies ever for the magazine Sight & Sound, the philosopher Slavoj Zizek argued that at the time your bet was for ten guilty pleasures. Among them was one in particular that he described as a great Nazi melodrama, which was none other than the beloved “Sound of Music”. Beyond the controversial readings that could give rise to the story of the Trapp family and their governess, a charming novice (Julie Andrews) fresh from the convent, the film was a new demonstration of the exquisite craft that showed Robert Wise in each job, and deployment of new skills for gender Andrews crowning a musical joy with a flowery hill in the most iconic scene.

“Meet Me in St. Louis” (Minnelli, 1944).  One of the best titles of great Minnelli and one of those essential that accompany the Christmas night on television. “Meet Me in St. Louis” was pure candor, pastel colors and an angelic and love Judy Garland. This was proclaimed in which, alongsideHave yourself a merry little Christmas , was the most recognizable song of the film, the enthusiastic The trolley song  in which his character sang in a trolley moving the absent object of his love. Few films have as much capacity as this to soften the heart of the most stoic viewer, in part because so warm and endearing characters like the little Margaret O’Brien or elder Harry Davenport ; but above all, for quite bright Garland, before which it was hard not to fall asleep. The Minnelli himself was seduced by the beauty of the actress, with which a year later would marry. A union, by the way, which arise another eminent figure of the musical as would Liza Minnelli .

“One day in New York” (Donen and Kelly, 1949).  The origin of “A Day in New York” – “On the town” in its original title it is in “Fancy Free”, a ballet byJerome Robbins with music by Leonard Bernstein who triumphed in 1944 at the American Ballet Theatre. Hence, the work made the jump to Broadway, where it was directed by George Abbott and choreographed by Robbins himself. In 1949, it launched this film version would mark the debut behind the camera of Stanley Donen and retain some songs from Bernstein to incorporate other of Roger Edens . The film chronicled the adventures of three sailors – Frank Sinatra , Gene Kelly and Jules Munshin – who enjoyed a day of service to spend in New York, in search of adventure and girls. In the course of just 24 hours, still remains in the collective memory the arrival of the three protagonists to the Big Apple with the song New York, New York  -this yes, Bernstein composed, although deserved to be featured as delicious as the numbers sharing Betty Garrett and Sinatra in a taxi,Come up to my place .

“Magnolia” (James Whale, 1936).  Few stories in the old Hollywood there are as fascinating as that of James Whale, whose interiors were portrayed by Bill Condon on the estimable “Gods and Monsters” (1998) with the face of Ian McKellen. Whale only worked behind the scenes for a decade before leaving the cinema, but it was enough this time to be one of the executive arms of Howard Hughes in the ambitious “Hell’s Angels” (Hughes, Whale and Edmund Goulding, 1930) establish itself as a creator of two of the greatest hits of terror of Universal as “Dr. Frankenstein” (1931) and its sequel “the bride of Frankenstein” (1935), and also lead one of the best of the decade musicals. “Magnolia” whose original title is “Show Boat”, was based on a 1927 musical with music by Jerome Kern and lyrics by Oscar Hammerstein II , in turn based on the novel by Edna Ferber published in 1926. Whale signed a loaded movie social readings on the banks of the Mississippi, a delicate and beautiful musical in which the always imposing presence was counted Hattie McDaniel and in which so emotional songs as quoted ol ‘man river , intoned by the deep voice of Paul Robeson or Can not help lovin ‘dat man , sung in chorus in the musical climax of the film. In short, a priceless gem that had a new version in 1951 with Ava Gardnerand Kathryn Grayson as protagonists.

“Gentlemen Prefer Blondes” (Howard Hawks, 1953).  If we mentioned before the nerve to ” Gold Diggers of 1933″ in his carefree portrait of a female protagonists in search of a wealthy husband in “Gentlemen Prefer Blondes” that purpose acquires the status of vital objective, central to the characters played by Marilyn Monroe and Jane Russell . No wonder the critic Jonathan Rosenbaum called the film  “Potemkin capitalist”  -meaning the Soviet classic “Battleship Potemkin” (Sergei M. Eisenstein, 1925) – Celebratory unprejudiced frivolity and desire for social climbing, punctuated with deliberately materialistic songs like Diamonds are a girl’s best friend .Again, it was the adaptation of a stage musical that had a few years before Anita Loos successfully released on his own novel, whose film adaptation was given by the teacher Howard Hawks.

“Seven Brides for Seven Brothers” (Donen, 1954).  Another Christmas television classics, this gem apparently naive and colorful took as its starting point the myth of the Rape of the Sabines to tell the story of seven rough brothers and primary seeking winning seven demure sisters. The music ofSaul Chaplin and Gene de Paul , accompanied by the lyrics of Johnny Mercer and choreography Michael Kidd gave much of the charisma and charm of a movie that are memorable scenes like the massive fight around the barn. In 1979, he had its corresponding version of the boards, which follow a series for CBS in 1982 and a Bollywood adaptation of the same year.

“42nd Street” (Bacon, 1933).  One of the choreographic masterpieces of Busby Berkeley His first work for Warner, demisting the same year as the spectacular ” Gold Diggers of 1933″ -and that “footlights Parade” , another of his works insignia- and executed by the very efficient Lloyd Bacon, who came to replace Mervyn LeRoy when he had to withdraw from filming sick. It also marked the debut of his leading actress Ruby Keeler , which was thewife of pioneer Al Jolson , officially, the first voice that sang in films, in “The Jazz Singer” ( Alan Crosland , 1927) – and star of the genre the decade would be diluted after just a dozen jobs. “42nd Street” is perhaps the best standard of this monumental musical 30, culminated in the song that corresponds to the title with Keeler and Dick Powell delivered a mutant, magnificent and unforgettable number. Based on a novel by Bradford Ropes, would in 1980 his theatrical review, which is still represented in the British stage.

“Cabaret” (Bob Fosse, 1972). Daughter of the union between Vincente Minnelli and Judy Garland, the artistic talent that Liza Minnelli carried in the genes deployed him as ever in “Cabaret” perhaps the summit in the short filmography of Bob Fosse who performed the musical when he wasbeginning to be an endangered genre. This his great film developed in Nazi Berlin 1931, in which the Kit Kat Club and the performances of its star Sally Bowles (Minnelli) became the night shelter a reality grayer. Vaguely inspired by the eponymous Broadway musical of 1966, of Kander and Ebb , it resulted in a huge box office success and eight Academy Award of the Academy. Five years later, “New York, New York” ( Martin Scorsese , 1977) would be the other side of the coin for Minnelli, a significant failure that left more naked its interpretative shortcomings, but in which the actress and singer embroidering the celebérrimo title track, composed by Kander and Ebb own and sang it with melancholy emotional Carey Mulligan in “Shame” (Steve McQueen , 2011).

“A Star Is Born” (Cukor, 1954). Cukor was a prolific and sensitive filmmaker, SUV but with special talent for comedy, as he had demonstrated in “The Philadelphia Story” (1940) or “Adam’s Rib” (1949 ), among other. His main contribution to music, apart from the aforementioned “My Fair Lady” was the remake of the film of William A. Wellman, 1937, in which Judy Garland was a young talent discovered by a famous performer addicted to alcohol and interpreted by James Mason . Nearly three hours of intense and full of great performances, punctuated with melodrama songs Harold Arlen and Ira Gershwin and music by Ray Heindorf . In 1976, Frank Pierson would direct a new version with Barbra Streisand and Kris Kristofferson heading the cast, which will soon follow another update fromClint Eastwood , with Beyonce Knowles starring.

“Moulin Rouge” ( Baz Luhrmann , 2001).  Controversially, passionate, sentimental, lysergic and thunderous. This is the third feature by Australian Baz Luhrmann a tremendous show moves to Paris early last century amphetamine rollbacks songs of Nirvana, which celebrates love with amash-up full of milestones of pop music, which makes Kylie Minogue in fairy of absinthe. The aesthetic decisions and the level of hysteria “Moulin Rouge” may be subject to debate, but what is certain is that we are faced with a dizzying free, able to find your own emotional epic in the chinks of his visual madness work. His pride and anachronistic soundtrack is largely theresponsibility of the mixer genius of Marius de Vries . His imagery excess would not be the same without the complicity of a completely devoted to the cause actors from a sweetened Ewan McGregor and Nicole Kidman to the hyperbolic side of Jim Broadbent and John Leguizamo .

“Grease” (Randal Kleiser, 1978).  Resorted reference for costume parties, whose music is sued in verbenas and karaokes and whose passes on television are repeat offenders in afternoon sessions, “Grease” has become a musical milestone often more celebrated so it is not that their real intentions. And it is likely many and many of those who once toupee combed back or a blonde wig placed did not realize that, actually, the film Randal Kleiser was not so much a product of the time ready to be consumed from nostalgia, but a thug parody of that past time and obsolete values. It is not explained if not bad baba theme  Beauty school dropout , who himself Frankie Avalon sings a rapturous Didi Conn , or that final blatant and deliberate so often criticized. “Grease” was based on a musical of 1971 Warren Casey and Jim Jacobs, and much of his triumphant leap to film some great was because John Travolta and Olivia Newton-John who showed extraordinary chemistry with their respective characters macarra background modosita sensitive and wild background.

“Carmen Jones” (Otto Preminger, 1954).  Of the European directors whoemigrated to Hollywood, the Austro-Hungarian Otto Preminger was one of the most influential and one of the most interesting. Preminger signed indispensable films as “Angel Face” (1952), “The Man with the Golden Arm” (1955) or “Anatomy of a Murder” (1959) and also this unusual musical black that adapted the play by Oscar Hammerstein II, in turn adaptation of the novel “Carmen” by Prosper Merimee, who inspired the famous opera by Georges Bizet. “Carmen Jones” replaced the torero by the boxer and adapted the famous songs to put them at the service of its star Dorothy Dandridge , well accompanied in the cast by secondary Pearl Bailey , andHusky Miller , particularly splendid accompanying the rhythm of  Beat Out Dat Rhythm on to Drum (Gypsy Song) or intoning vigorous  Stan ‘Up an’ Fight (Toreador song).

” Top Hat” (Mark Sandrich, 1935).  While we have mented the magnificent “Melodies of Broadway”, it is true that the film career of Fred Astaire is best summarized in works like “Crazy Rhythm” (Sandrich, 1937) or this ” topHat” sublimation of a modulated dance style from the virtuosity and elegance, from the smoothness of movements that seem to caress the music with exquisite delicacy. In her one of his most iconic sequences is located: those that are soft, beautiful Cheek to cheek dance well stuck toGinger Rogers , the same as both did mourn the character of Michael Clarke Duncan in “The Green Mile” ( Frank Darabont , 1999).

“An American in Paris” (Minnelli, 1951).  Two years before “Broadway Melodies” and shortly after signing “Father’s Little Dividend ” (1951) -secuela of his celebrated “Father of the Bride” (1950) – Minnelli adapted to film the symphonic poem Georges Gershwin “An American in Paris”, again under the production of the Freed Unit Minnelli retold with Gene Kelly- and had worked with him on “the pirate” (1948). and he chose as a companion to the French Leslie Caron , which was his debut film. Caron did not miss his chance and embroidered role, running a seductive dance with a chair on a set of different ranges of pink, a proposal for artistic direction unusual which was awarded by the Academy with the Oscar, one of six that ended taking the tape including that of best film at the 1952 ceremony.

“Hair” (Milos Forman, 1979). Originally, “Hair” was an Off-Broadway musical written by James Rado and Gerome Ragni and Galt MacDermot music. Premiered in 1967, soon he became one of the stalwarts of the movement hippie , although its treatment of issues like drugs or sex led him no little controversy. Just over a decade later, the Czech director Milos Forman took the material and turned it into a musical that had lost some of its critical to the context of his birth power, but not a hint of charisma and vitality. Yet it is hard not to feel emotionally struck by the complaint on the hard end to ditch the fate of John Savage with Let the sunshine in , nor is itan option to forget the film version for the theme  Aquarium or unbridled Hair baptising the proposal .

“Chicago” ( Rob Marshall , 2002).  The career of Rob Marshall began with a television adaptation of “Annie” musical of 1977 on a small orphan who had already had its film version in 1982 of the hand of John Huston. It is no wonder, then, that his movie was to play the genre in a larger and more ambitious as it was “Chicago , ” adapted from the play by Maurine Dallas 1926 written by Watkins production. In it, a plethoric Richard Gere ,Catherine Zeta-Jones and Renée Zellweger were collecting their musical skills in a history of vaudeville dancers, lawyers and murders able to grab and dilute genres with remarkable skill. He triumphed in the Academy Award 2003, accumulating up to six statuettes and becoming the first musical since 1969 to proclaim himself -the best film last to get it had been “Oliver!” (Carol Reed, 1968) , and even “Cabaret” had galardón- done with this. Its success would make many drawn to Marshall as the possible successor to Bob Fosse and even talk of a possible bonanza of gender, something that has not been confirmed except for sporadic cases. Not that Marshall himself help realize any trend, which has since been more successful with other projects like “Memoirs of a Geisha” (2005) and “Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides” (2011) with his remake musicado of “Fellini 8 1/2” ( Federico Fellini , 1964), “Nine” (2009).

“Dancer in the Dark” ( Lars von Trier , 2000).  If we think Lars von Trier as the twisted genius and manipulator capable of malear genres and take the viewer to your basement, then “Dancer in the Dark” is one of his masterpieces, a musical-melodramón with echoes of Dogma and devastating conclusions in which it was passed Björk an ordeal. The film radically reinterpreted musical codes in the same way that he surrendered to them-chamber rises to conclude the narration. With it, the Danish stirred passions as ever among his admirers and detractors, even after being boosted with the Palme d’ Or at the Cannes Film Festival 2000.

Do not stop the music.  While this is a significant selection of the best of the genre, we can not fail to rescue some of the forgotten or excluded from the preceding paragraphs. A longer list maybe if we would to include, for example, two other gems Minnelli such as “Brigadoon” (1954) and “Gigi”(1958), or other essential Stanley Donen as “Funny Face” (1957 ), with the duo Fred Astaire-Audrey Hepburn in the lead. No less important are trends as established in the 40 MGM around the water music with swimmer Esther Williams as a star, namely “Bathing Beauty “ ( George Sidney , 1944) or“Thrill of a Romance” ( Richard Thorpe , 1945), not to mention its direct competitors, the films that starred the Norwegian figure skater Sonja Heniefor Twentieth Century Fox.

They have been without mention such significant titles as “Yankee Doodle Dandy”   ( Michael Curtiz , 1942), or James Cagney exploiting its musical side- and squeezed the other hand, in “Parade footlights” before- nearly a decade, “They and they “   ( Joseph L. Mankiewicz , 1955) or ” The king and I “ ( Walter Lang , 1956). Nor it can forget the condition of music who held most of the films that starred the Marx brothers , Chico and Harpo as virtuoso piano and harp, respectively. Among the following decades, also arenoteworthy for many reasons raids Barbra Streisand in “Funny Girl (A funny girl)” ( William Wyler , 1968) and “Funny Lady” ( Herbert Ross , 1975); satiric “Producers” ( Mel Brooks , 1968); the phenomena of “Jesus Christ Superstar”   ( Norman Jewison , 1973) and “The Rocky Horror Picture Show” ( Jim Sharman , 1975); the two big musical with orphans, “Oliver!” and “Annie”; the eighties “Xanadu” ( Robert Greenwald , 1980),“Footloose” ( Ross , 1984) and  “The Little Shop of Horrors” ( Frank Oz, 1986); the arid tribute to musical Herbert Ross 30 in “Pennies from heaven (Pennies from Heaven)” (1981); the transgendered “Victor Victoria?” (1982); two antics of John Waters as “Hairspray 60” (1988) and “Cry-Baby (The tear)” (1990); or, as in the 90s, the exhausting “Evita”( Alan Parker , 1996).

In recent years, the timid revival of the genre was promoted from the success of “Moulin Rouge” and “Chicago”, which was followed by others like“The Phantom of the Opera by Andrew Lloyd Webber” ( Joel Schumacher , 2004), Oscar – winning “Dreamgirls” ( Bill Condon , 2006), the remake of “Hairspray” ( Adam Shankman , 2007), the burtoniana“Sweeney Todd : the Demon barber of Fleet street” ( Tim Burton , 2007), the music of the Beatles ” Across the universe “ ( Julie Taymor , 2007) and verbenera ” Mamma mia! The film “ ( Phyllida Lloyd , 2008).Also, a work so alternative and unclassifiable as “Repo! The Genetic Opera “ ( Darren Lynn Bousman , 2008) or the celebrated Spanish contribution, ” The Other Side of the Bed “ ( Emilio Martinez Lazaro , 2002) continuation is by its sequel ” The 2 Sides of the Bed “ (Martinez Lazaro, 2005 ) -.

In addition, we should devote a report to the central part representing the Disney films, mostly peppered by musical numbers and built between worshiped compositions traditionally hoard Oscars® in the categories for sound and music bands. As examples, worth rescuing the outstanding “The Jungle Book” ( Wolfgang Reitherman , 1967), “The Aristocats”(Reitherman, 1970), “Robin Hood” (Reitherman, 1973), “The Little Mermaid” ( Ron Clements and John Musker , 1989), “beauty and the beast” ( Gary Trousdale and Kirk Wise , 1991), “Aladdin” (Clements and Musker, 1992) and “the lion king” ( Roger Allers and Rob Minkoff , 1994). The tendency to include musical passages in the animated film is somewhat extended beyond the productions of the company, although in recent years the 3D animation has finished to minimize the number of songs, still present in films such as “Madagascar “ ( Eric Darnell and Tom McGrath , 2005) or the recent ” Brave (untamed) “ ( Mark Andrews andBrenda Chapman , 2012). Watch it here on putlocker.