You know that we used to bring really cheap decorative ideas, ideas that are designed for everyone, but every now and then we also like to dream a little and make you dream. So, today we shinyreviews.com have prepared a collection of 10 celebrities bathrooms , where good taste, rises to the level of art. Do not lose detail and take inspiration.

Bathroom-famous-adam-levinePHOTO | ARCHITECTURAL DIGEST

The pop superstar, Adam Levine , has in his house with a bathroom designed by Marcos Haddawy of minimalist style with vintage touches thanks to the beautiful clawfoot tub and table midcentury.

Singer-songwriter John Legend has at home with a lovely master bath made in two areas, one indoor and one outdoor with exotic hot basalt , and this part that really caught our attention.

Bathroom-famous-jhon-legendPHOTO | ARCHITECTURAL DIGEST

This beautiful bathroom where we can see a black tub on a pedestal , dresser custom design and designer mosaic floor tiles by Walker Zanger, corresponds to Brooke Shields and her family.

Bathroom-famous-brooke-shieldsPHOTO | ARCHITECTURAL DIGEST

Actress Liv Tyler has at home with this beautiful  bathroom  in which spoiled to detail to achieve a practical and romantic atmosphere.

Bathroom-famous-liv-tylerPHOTO | POPSUGAR

The floor of Nick Jonas that went on sale recently, has a bath Mediterranean style , with Spanish tiles and beautiful urban views of the city.

Room-bath-famous-nick-jonasPHOTO | TRULIA AND POP SUGAR

The gorgeous actress  Scarlett Johansson has, at his home in Los Angeles, with a luxurious bathroom modern with all the latest luxuries.


This is one of the 13 bathrooms having mansion Jennifer Lopez . A bathroom, clearly classic cut, with spectacular views and a beautiful bath with legs that has practically everything.


Actress Lauren Conrad wanted for his new master bathroom at his home in Beverly Hills, have a space dedicated exclusively to hair.

Room-bath-famous-lauren-conradsPHOTO | POP SUGAR / DOUGLAS FRIEDMAN, INSTYLE

This is one of the 12 bathrooms chic minimalist design and with shower-spa in the mansion of actor / musician Jared Leto .

Bathroom-famous-Jared-LetoPHOTO | EVERETT FENTON GIDLEY

Kim Kardashian Kanye West and her husband have this beautiful bathroom in one of their homes. A huge bathroom classic and elegant style with a beautiful pedestal tub.