6 profitable new business ideas originating in the United States.

The ideas that we present today were born during the crisis in the United States, and for the most part belong to people who lost their jobs and were forced to undertake. Others simply saw the opportunity to shape that business they had been thinking about for years. Although some of these businesses are more original and others are not so original, but they are very simple, some require more investment and other less investment, all have something in common, is that today (2013) , are being profitable for its creators . Question of seeing if they have the viability to adapt them in your country in question.

1. Archie McPhee: The “mecca” of toys for children and adults … and a few other things.

This shop ( Archie McPhee ), sells all kinds of toys for both children and adults. The secret of its success is the great diversification in products and services, since they boast of having the most original and strange toys and gifts, and not only the typical ones that we can find in any store. They also sell jokes, bachelor parties, costumes and the organization of parties and birthdays. We could say that is a mini-mart fun . The business, thanks to a good strategy social media marketing was profitable from its first months of life because they quickly become known.

2. Car bags.

Bagborroworsteal  is dedicated exclusively to rental and sale of handbags brands. While we talked the booming business of resale and rental of costumes boyfriend or girlfriend, this time, this store provides an opportunity for a person to test the bag before buying it , and be able to rent the bag for a Social situation in which it is necessary to appear “status”. If we added more diversification to this business idea, such as all kinds of clothing and luxury accessories, you could get more profitability.

3. A very sophisticated cinema.

Big Picture is a luxury movie theater where you have cocktail bar, restaurant and meeting space. In this cinema you can watch new and old movies. In occasion they create events, where if they are going to project a period film, it becomes a celebration where the people must dress of time. The entrepreneurs who developed this idea, have managed to make this “cinema” a benchmark in their city. No longer a hybrid business (cinema, restaurant, pub and event hall).

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4. web of social holiday.
This website,  Gatherball.com , functions as a social network, where it is shared and pick what you want on your vacation with all users of the social network. Tastes, hobbies, interests and personal budget. In this way, social trips are planned, where you have the opportunity to meet other people. Where is the business of this website ?. In contracts with travel agencies, hotels, etc … This form of holidays are becoming more popular in the United States.

5. Boat rental with whirlpool.

If you’re looking for business this summer and you live in a coastal city, gone are the typical rent paddle boats and jet skis. Hot Tub Boats is a company dedicated to the sale and rental of these boats for hours carrying jacuzzi or hot tub to relax with friends, individually or in groups. All a success on the American coast.

6. Sustainable cleaning.

Cleaning companies are many, but what makes the difference in Steam and clean , is that they are one of the few cleaning companies that do not use chemicals or detergents. Instead, they use high pressure steam cleaners and steam mops and at high temperature to kill bacteria. It also filters the wastewater and reuses it. This newly established company has managed to sign numerous contracts with municipalities, hospitals and private companies, as well as focusing, as it did in the beginning, to private homes

As we can see, this time, the ideas are not overly original, rather Are focused on specific needs. Are profitable businesses from the outset, as we say, each of these companies have something that sets them apart from their competition and makes them unique.