7 movies forced for true music band lovers

There is no need for anything specific to watch a Kostenlos movie that talks about the work and feats of your favorite musicians. In fact, the life of those who have given everything for the composition is also an endless source of themes to bring to the big screen.

This year we already saw Montage of heck on Kurt Cobain and it was recently announced that there would be a series about Patti Smith . Apparently, Showtime also want to get you to exploit the nostalgia and reach the fans of the interpreter of “Because the Night”. The series will be based on the book Just Kids , the autobiographical (and so fashionable) text of Smith.

While we wait for the first chapter to come out, we recommend these couchtuner movies and documentaries about some of your favorite musicians.

1. The Monkees

At the height of the British pop bands (and taking advantage of a pre-made band), producers Bob Rafelson and Bert Schneider summoned musicians looking for talent for a series originally about how a pop band could be kept. Thus they created The Monkees, a group that (although everyone knew that neither composed nor touched) had great acceptance among the public.


2. The Doors

Directed by Oliver Stone , it was released in 1991 and was not very well received, mainly because Jim Morrison was portrayed like a psychotic and not like a real musician, thing that exploded to the fans and to other members of The Doors. Then why should you see her? Because his way of recreating the atmosphere of the 60’s is quite accurate and makes us fantasize about a time when many wanted to have lived.


3. Walk the line

The life of Johnny Cash was told by James Mangold in 2005. As a memoir of an already acclaimed musician, in this document we can see Johnny working as a farmer, suffering for the death of his brother and enlisting in the Air Force and Being sent to Germany. But since it’s a movie about music, you can also see it when you sign up with Sun Records and you become the legendary musician you are today.


4. Imagine

Originally the movie would be about recording the disc; However, after Lennon’s death, it was necessary for the project to become larger and ended up becoming a semblance of John’s life and work. The man behind that decision was Andrew Solt . On the tape appear Yoko Ono , Phil Spector , Paul, George and Ringo talking about the singer. You have to see it if you are one of the many fans of The Beattles. This work deals with Lennon’s career within the Liverpool Quartet and then solo, and includes an acoustic version of “Real Love” and an essay prior to the recording of “Imagine”, both unknown until then.


5. Control

A few years ago Joy Division became fashionable, and partly it was thanks to films like this one. Control is the version of the story told by Deborah Curtis , the widow of Ian Curtis, and was brought to the screen by Anton Corbijn . The best of the film is the setting of that sevens England that continues to fall in love with the world. In a veiled way, everything revolves around Ian’s relationship with his wife; Later on the character and the illness of the vowel, as well as of the formation and the success achieved by Joy Division until his death.


6. The Runnaways

The film was directed by Floria Sigimondi and is based on the book Neon Angel, a memoir of a Runnaway . On the screen and in the book shows the relationship between Cherie Currie (played by Dakota Fanning ) and Joan Jett, since the birth of the band. In it we can appreciate how these two musicians felt that having a band was more than selling a prefabricated product.


7. I’m not there

It is never said that we are seeing Bob Dylan’s life on the screen, but we all know we are seeing Bob Dylan’s life on the screen. The film is by Todd Haynes, ¬†and actors such as Richard Gere , Christian Bale and Cate Blanchett play Bob at different times in his life. If you’re a Minnesota fan we know you’ve seen it; But if you are not, this is your chance to enter the work of one of the greatest musicians in history.