Actress Angelica Vale tells her secret to lose weight

The Mexican actress Angelica Vale rose enough weight after breastfeeding her second child. Because of this he began to exercise and to eat healthily, but he did not lose those extra pounds. Then he became very depressed. What did? The magazine ‘People’ in Spanish interviewed the artist and this counted.

Angelica Vale went to where endocrinologist , who prescribed pills and diet injections. With this, accompanied by a healthy diet and exercises, the interpreter of ‘The most beautiful ugly’ managed to lose 13 kilos.

“I feel happy, I feel much more active … Best of all , it did not cost me much work, because the problem was not what I ate, but a hormonal problem that occurred after pregnancy. Women should tell us that after giving birth, we should go to an endocrinologist . Is more I say, pass the tip, because the hormones are completely uneven , “said Angelica Vale to ‘People’ in Spanish.

The actress said that after her pregnancy your hormones were totally uneven. She when not know I had this problem alone eat, vegetables, tuna and chicken, and go to the doctor told him that was not going to lose weight as well, because it is not a question of what you eat and how much, it is a hormonal problem .

“I’m still on treatment. I want to go lower to be much prettier (laughs) and, above all, to be healthier for my children. Also, try to make a low – carbohydrate diet, and treatment hormonal are pills and injections , ” he said the actress .

In addition, the interview stresses that Angelica Vale has a special diet, eat every three hours and exercise too long, two hours a day on weekdays and some weekends.