Music for a vacuum cleaner

Aspirated art, a pictorial-sonic action of Pelayo Fernández Arrizabalaga, carried out by means of an appliance of common use. Alternative Festival of the Performing Arts. Círculo de Bellas Artes of Madrid, January 31, 2002.

Pelayo Fernández Arrizabalaga offered at the Círculo de Bellas Artes in Madrid a show titled Música aspirada realized with a household appliance of common use: the vacuum cleaner. It was an interdisciplinary show that had sound, visual and theatrical aspects. He improvised a picture made on a canvas with charcoal and aid of a vacuum cleaner: laying, quintado and tracing. The work appeared in the eyes of the public, who could see, at the same time, the sound effects – duly amplified – caused by suction, friction, bomb, gestures … The artist finished as dirty as a chimney sweep.

In the end he distributed some sheets in which he offered the finished work for 200,000 pesetas. As no one bid within the given five-minute deadline, Then proceeded to erase the creation causing exclamations of regret mixed with applause. It was an action that invited to the reflection on the evanescence of the art, the improvisation, the random of the inspiration, the speculation and many other things.

The public was amused observing the development of the work, more attentive perhaps to the eye than to the ear. Pelayo Fernández Arrizabalaga is an artist who has lived in Switzerland for some years. I remember his participation, long ago, at the Jazz Festival in Madrid, with a saw with which he made a creation on a wooden board. This time he has participated in the Contemporary Scene, the Alternative Festival of the Performing Arts whose musical part, Dedicated in this edition to Music and Synesthesia, coordinates Llorenç Barber. In presenting Pelayo, Barber commented on the importance of inspiration in artistic creation, including perspiration and, in this particular case, aspiration. Visit here for more info