Singer private information was stolen – Four ways to protect data on your computer

Learn how to protect sensitive information and prevent it from being made available to third parties

Computers (desktop and laptop) and our mobile devices (smartphones and tablets) have become very important devices for our lives. In them we store all our information, from the most common and everyday to the most important and private.

Despite being high-tech devices, it is inevitable that at some point these devices fall into the hands of third parties, either when we must bring them to repair or when we are victims of thieves.


The singer Ezio Oliva denounced a few days ago that private information was stolen from his laptop when he sent for repair. Will there be any way to protect that information?

Trade consulted the specialist Internet and social networks and consultant for CNN Silvina Moschini and technology experts Peruvian Arturo Goga and Jesus Veliz to share the four main recommendations in this regard.

But before starting there is a basic concept that must be taken into account: take your devices to authorized service centers or, if not, they are your trust. Sometimes the most economical alternative can make you spend more money or cause other concerns. You can use deltaextranet for personal data protection, more recommendations below:

1. Encrypt your data so that only you can access them

While data encryption sounds more appropriate for large corporations, it can also be a good ally for you. ” Doing it is a lot easier than most people think. There are many options for both Windows and for Mac , “says Moschini. In Windows, select the folder, right click and select Properties. In Advanced Settings, you must select Encrypt Content to protect the data. For the operating system OS X (Apple) can use the FileVault .This mechanism uses an advanced encryption standard that is used by the US Government

How to encrypt files in Windows

2. Make backups or backups regularly

The experts consulted agree on something: the most important information must be stored outside of your main device. The backup should be done regularly and periodically. “It is preferable to have multiple copies of that information,” says Arturo Goga. “And that external disk must be in a safe place,” adds Silvina Moschini. “It’s also an option to use storage systems in the cloud,” says Jesus Véliz. An alternative is to use the online service BackBlaze  that charges $ 5 per month.

3. Enable a Guest Account for Third-Party Access

More and more devices have the ability to create profiles or accounts for guests. This procedure is simpler in computers. This type of profiles allows limited access to third parties. For example, the technician will be able to access the operating system to review it, but will not be able to consult the sensitive information of the machine owner. Also, in this way it will not be necessary to give the password to a stranger. “If this is not possible, be sure to be present during repair your computer, so you can prevent theft of information , ” explains Arturo Goga.

How to create a guest account in Windows 8

How to create a guest account on Mac

4. Seek to protect you on the Internet and in the service center

Once again experts agree that it is important to contact authorized service centers (especially if you can still use the guarantee) or to use people you trust. It should be remembered that while browsing the Internet, information is also stored. That is why it is fundamental to clean the temporary files and the history of browsers. ” Set your browser to not accept cookies. Also opt for the encryption of conversations of chat and e-mail. Off-the-record messaging can be used in Google Hangouts and Facebook , “explains Moschini.


Periodic cleaning. There are free programs like CCleaner that allow periodic cleaning of web browsing histories and other temporary files on the computer.

No access. Some browsers like Chrome allow you to synchronize information with different devices (computer, tablet, smartphone). The same chat conversation can appear on several platforms. Close the session completely on the different devices.

Not everything is important. You do not need to carry your files everywhere. Services like Google Drive or Dropbox can be used for backups.