The songs for weddings are a must that you should not overlook. We all have our soundtrack: those songs or melodies that have played in the background in special moments and that make us remember unforgettable moments. That’s why music can not miss your wedding day . The music of your wedding gives shine to each of the moments and is the icing on the organization and decoration.

There are thousands of songs for Actual Day Wedding Photography and Videography Singapore , starting with your favorites. Do not forget the ones that mean special things for you and your partner, it will make you feel in a world of the two even if you are that day surrounded by many people.

Then add a list of songs for weddings of different styles, so that everyone feels comfortable, especially at the time of the party. But first, you have to think about the previous moments, the ceremony and the cocktail party. There is music for every moment and here we give you some ideas that will make you fall in love. Hit the play!


The hours before the wedding are moments in which we need tranquility, that’s why we have thought of songs where the female voice is the protagonist. Few instruments and soft melodies are the elements to create an atmosphere full of romanticism in which feelings and love are on the surface.

Songs like ” Qualqu’un m’a dit ” by Carla Bruni, ” Berceuse ” by Coeur de Pirate, ” C’est le printemps ” by Stacey sung in French, will introduce you to a musical universe of whispered feelings. You can alternate them with the most suggestive jazz or country inspiration, with songs like ” Like a Star ” by Laura Fygi or ” The Rose ” by Charlotte O’Connor.

With these songs you can not lose the concentration and the sweetest feelings. Listen to all our suggestions in this link from our Spotify list .


The usual thing is that weddings celebrated in the Church include music and ad hoc compositions, there is a lot to choose from and if you like classical or cultured music, you already have pieces in your head that you always dreamed of hearing on your wedding day.  And also civil ceremonies, held in other settings , can include all the wedding music you always wanted to sound the most special day.

You can lose yourself among the millions of songs on the market, but also as you know there are specialized companies that can do this work for you.

In any case do not lose sight of this important element of the celebration of your happiest day, because it will help make it a real success!