Surquillo: film fire started in confectionery fryer

A short circuit generated large plumes of smoke , so that the audience proceeded to be evacuated from the Open Plaza.

A fire broke out this afternoon in the cinema located in the Open Plaza Angamos, in the district of Surquillo , forcing dozens of people who were watching movies in place to evacuate functions.According to the firemen, the incident that left no wound started in the confectionery area.

The head of the fire brigade South Lima, commander César García, explained that were sent to the mall about four units, including two pumpers, to quell the fire that started at 2 pm approximately room Surquilo .

“The fire started by a short circuit in the electric fryer located in the entrance to the movie theaters,” the spokesman for firefighters attending the emergency told Canal N.

A few minutes later , through social networks, administrators Cinemark Open Plaza Angamos, in Surquillo , they sent a statement to clarify that all security measures are abided by and that after the evacuation no injuries were reported.

“The company followed all the security protocols, evacuating the attendants of that place without reporting personal damages,” they said through the statement. However, several users reported that they just left the halls after the spectators themselves noticed the smoke coming out of the confectionery.


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