Survey: What place for music in the life of the French?

The association Musique, which advocates that music play a more significant role in the political debate, proposes a survey and Ipsos Review that illustrates the importance of music in the lives of French people.

Over the last four months, the association Tous pour la Musique , which includes players in the music industry such as Sacem and Adami , has launched a consultation with elected officials, experts and the general public to strengthen the position of Music in society. At the end of this dialogue, 13 proposals emerged and were presented to the candidates in the presidential election.

In order to support this approach, the association also published a survey, conducted with the FIFG with 1,000 people, demonstrating the importance of music in the lives of French people. We learn that music is the favorite cultural activity of 60% of respondents, in front of reading and cinema. They are however only 11% to play often or from time to time an instrument. For 90% of the French, music is an element that promotes living together in our society and 70% think that music and artists are a gathering force in the service of a social or political cause. Finally, 84% of French people believe that the success of French artists contributes to the influence of France.

The musical offer

According to this survey, 87% of French people think that the online music offer is satisfactory, rich, diverse and accessible. The same goes for the entertainment offer, which satisfies 66% of the respondents, a figure which rises to 77% for the inhabitants of Paris region but down to 59% for those of the Southwest. Regarding the audiovisual landscape, 43% of the respondents think that there is not enough music on television and for 35% of them there is not enough diversity on the radio and TV .

The means dedicated to music

62% of respondents felt that the resources allocated to music education were inadequate and 75% of French people felt that each school should have the financial means to set up an orchestra or a choir. A very large majority – 92% – believe that the big Internet companies that benefit from music should be more involved in creative financing. 83% of respondents believe that online music should benefit from a reduced rate of VAT to encourage musical creation in France, and 62% favor favorable taxation for companies in the music sector. Finally, for 7 out of 10 French people, music is not sufficiently present in the programs of the presidential campaign. A result that goes in the direction of the action of the association,