The Musical Garden

We accept the idea of beauty and recognize our extraordinary need to possess that which is beautiful. We are not satisfied with creating things that simply fulfill their function. These too must be beautiful, sometimes only beautiful.

There are gardens of many forms created many times only from this point of view, that of being beautiful. However, for many people the idea of gardening as art is still disconcerting or completely strange.

There are a number of landscape architects and landscape gardeners melbourne who over the years have inspired me and have served as “virtual mentors”, either for their projects, or for their ideas and dissemination work. C. Th. Sørensen was a great find, and certainly a captivating character. With him begins a series dedicated to landscape masters.

Carl Theodor Sørensen (1893-1979) is probably one of the greatest landscape architects of the 20th century and one of the first modernists in landscape architecture.

His works were characterized by the fusion of art, functionality and tradition (he was a great scholar of the history of gardens). But he emphasizes his way of transforming the agricultural and cultural landscape in architectonic works of art; And here is his great contribution to the modernist garden (and landscape).

If the design is strong, the design can survive and be transformed. Therefore, it is true that there may be something lasting in the changing landscape. This is the essence of beauty in a cultural landscape.

(C. Th. Sørensen, 1963)

“Deep humanist”

His works despite the use of rigid geometric shapes (circles, squares, ovals, spirals and free forms) were great flexibility and functionality in which the man was always the source .

Sørensen always insisted that the gardens are a form of art , never forget the important social work that they have to offer. An art available and used by the public.

An example of garden art in its purest form is the  Garden Musical, conceived in 1945 , and finally executed in 1956 in the Angli IV cultural industrial complex in Herning (Denmark), where Sørensen applied his knowledge, after years of studies The history of the garden design melbourne and its forms, created this sculptural garden, which still stands today.


Musical garden




Musical garden

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Musical garden

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